Girls Get Equal Live Summit

A large part of our lives now takes place on the Internet. Especially in times of Covid-19 we all noticed the influence of the digital world on the analog world. The internet seems to offer unlimited chances and opportunities: to empower ourselves, to get in contact with each other, to engage and speak out. But: Especially girls and women worldwide do not have equal access to the internet. Instead, they have to fear harassment and hate speech when being online. Looking at the workforce in big tech companies, women only make a small percentage. Let's change this together!

From 6th and 7th October our Girls Get Equal Live Summit will take place around the topic how girls get equal freedom online. Discuss with us about online activism, learn in workshops what can be done against hate speech and network with each other.

The 4th Girls Get Equal Live Summit - 6th and 7th October 2020.

This year’s Girls Get Equal Live Summit will be hosted online only. This means that everyone can participate, from near and far.

Join us for the presentation of our State of the World's Girls' Report, listen to inspiring online panels and participate actively during one of our interactive workshops.

Stay tuned for more details and the links to the online streams. We look forward to seeing with you soon!

The Schedule

6th October 2020: Youth-Focused

in English, French, German and Spanish

Hello and welcome to our youth-focused summit day. An eventful day with an interesting report launch, inspiring talks and interactive workshops await you.

We want to hear your opinion, form political asks together and make an impact. We are looking forward to engaging with you soon!

Stay tuned to have the latest news re the workshop topic.

2.00 pm CET

Welcome to Day 1

2.10 pm CET

Key Note Speech
by Anne-Birgitte Albrectsen (CEO, Plan International)​

2.20 pm CET

 Presentation of Plan’s State of the World’s Girls’ Report 2020:
Girls Get Equal Freedom Online”​

2.55 pm CET

Q&A Session ​
We are curious to hear your questions! 

3.05 pm CET


3.20 pm CET

We want to hear from you! Join one of our interactive workshops or listen to an interesting webinar.

4.50 pm CET


5.20 pm CET

Presentation of Workshop Outcomes
Let’s hear the outcomes from the different workshops and phrase our demands.

5.40 pm CET

Wrap Up and Closing Statement 
by Maike Roettger (National Executive Director, Plan International Germany) ​

7th October 2020: Addressing Stakeholders 

in English and German

Welcome to Day 2. We will address our political asks to our external stakeholders, e.g. politicians.

The asks and demands will be discussed during an online panel discussion and you will be able to ask your questions during a Q&A session.

Stay tuned to hear who will be joining us for the panel discussion.

6.30 pm CET

Welcome to Day 2
with Maike Roettger (National Executive Director, Plan International Germany) ​

6.40 pm CET

Highlight Video of Day 1 and Interview

7.05 pm CET

Online Panel Discussion​:
Addressing the political demands formulated by the attendees of day 1. Stay tuned to hear who will be joining us for the panel.

7.45 pm CET

Q&A Session ​
We are curious to hear your questions! 

8.00 pm CET

Talk and Wrap Up
with Maike Roettger​


1. The Girls Out Loud Programme by Plan International (no registration requiered)

2. "Can't hold us down! - Dealing with sexist comments and other digital hate phenomenons on an individual and political level" by Theresa Lehmann from a project by the Amadeu Antonio foundation

Women are confronted with objectifying comments, offensive trolling and other digital hate phenomenons when they voice their opinions on the internet. Sexism, antifeminism and the rejection of gender diversity seem like a common link of rightwing groups, religious fundamentalists  and troll communities ganging up in the comment section of female activists and politicians. We try to fathom the function of this particular form of gendered hate speech. In this workshop we will talk about political, societal and individual counter strategies and practical approaches like Counter Speech and empowerment.

3. "Safety Online- Self Care and Safe Guarding for (Online) Activistst" by Plan Internation Germanys Youth Advisory Panel and Psychologists for Future

For many people, activism is a fulfilling task – but it can easily become straining and thus have a negative impact on our everyday lives. In this workshop, we want to exchange our thoughts about situations in which we have reached our own limits, about why self-care is not selfish and how we can safeguard each other so we don’t overdo it. Further, we will learn from an expert how to recognise symptoms of overload and psychological problems early on and to protect ourselves and others – to make our activism more sustainable.

4. "Design a Feminist Internet" by Feminist Internet

What would a Feminist Internet look like to you? An internet free from abuse? An internet accessible to all? A queer internet? We want to hear from you! 

Join this hands-on workshop to collectively build an interface that shows the world what your vision of a Feminist Internet looks and sounds like. You will be led by Feminist Internet co-founders Conor Rigby and Dr. Charlotte Webb, and learn about how this organisation approaches design to centre equality and social justice.

Getting Girls Equal to Fight Inequality

Girls everywhere are undervalued, undermined and underestimated. But we’re calling time on inequality.
We are done with being silenced and ignored.

With every action we take we are creating a new world, with new rules. 
Where we have power in all decisions affecting our lives. Where we are safe to speak up without fear and harassment. Where the world stops promoting stereotypes. 

This is a movement for us all. Are you with us?

Find out more about our global GIRLS GET EQUAL campaign (English)

 Find out more about our global GIRLS GET EQUAL campaign (German)

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